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    Stuart Broad says England coach Andy Flower rules team Stuart Broad has revealed Andy Flower rules his England team by fear just like Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United did. But unlike the recently retired football manager, Flower keeps the hairdryer tucked away and instead uses the stealth of an assassin to impose his rule on the players. Such is Flower's rod of iron that almost no player will pick up the phone to him when he rings, preferring instead to build up the courage to call him back a few minutes later. "He's got an coach factory store outlet assassin like movement about him," said Broad. "He's never going to stand up and shout the walls down unless you've played really badly, but when he says something you know exactly what he means. "He's got a fear factor definitely, I can imagine like the united players would have been around Fergie. "That is good. Coaches need a fear factor. Sometimes you're in the nets and coach outlet store sale you're not batting particularly well and he'll coupon coach outlet grab you by the grille and say "what are you doing?! Sharpen up!" and he's right. Ashes: England are hoping to make a big impression Down Under "When his number rings on your phone your heart sinks. "I don't think I've even answered a phonecall first time ever. I leave it two minutes thinking I wonder what this is about and then call "Andy". The same as everyone. "He might throw something that is wrong into a meeting on purpose to see if anyone coach outlet online store sale will say they don't agree with it. "If no one says anything he says 'How's that right lads? Wake up! What is wrong?" Both Flower and Ferguson are two of the most successful coaches in their field and share several character traits. Both are incredibly driven and obsessed with control over their team and the environment. But whereas the term 'bully' was often used to describe Ferguson, Broad reveals Flower has his softer side and is capable of less threatening methods. As a result the T20 captain wants to see Flower stay in his job beyond this Ashes tour and for many years to outlet coach store come. "He's great to be around," added Broad. "You can have a laugh with him and have a beer with him. "He also has that softer side to him as well when you need a bit of a lift and I hope he does the job for as long as I play. "I see no reason why not. He has a lot of aspiration for the group to achieve. It is and era of English cricket that we are very lucky to be a part of." coach outlet factory online
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