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    Strictly Come Dancing star coach purse factory outlet Ben Cohen admits he was pushed to succeed after his father Peter Cohen's cheap coach purses outlet murder Ben Cohen was pushed to succeed by his father death (Pictures: Attitude) Strictly Come Dancing hunk Ben Cohen has revealed how his father's murder fuelled his desire to be a world beating rugby player coach folsom outlet and dance sensation. The 35 year old's life was derailed in 2000 when Peter Cohen died from head injuries after trying to break up a brawl at the Eternity nightclub in Northampton where he worked. Bearing his soul and body in the latest issue of gay magazine Attitude, Ben revealed: 'My dad got murdered and the knock on effect of that coach outlet store locations on my family was huge but it inspired greatness in some way.' The former England star described himself as 'an average rugby player' who 'went off track a little bit'. Cohen uses his new found fame to help his StandUp Foundation (Picture: Attitude) He added: 'I wasn't getting picked for the team and my coach pulled me aside and said, "You can either p your career away or re evaluate your goals". He asked what my goals were and I said I wanted to be the best player in my position and to win a World Cup. It was fing hard to do and a lot of work but I did it.' The anti bullying and gay rights campaigner also set up the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation in honour of his father. Cohen, coach outlet online sale a married father of two, said: 'I've never chased fame. If anything, I'm probably more uncomfortable with fame than I am with anything else. But it means I can bring attention to the foundation and show what we do.' Cohen, who is cha cha cha ing with sexy dance partner Kristina Rihanoff, said these days he is happy to use his high profile to promote his fundraising work. coach factory outlet flash sale
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