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    The site that claims to know if someone died in your house English English Espaol Reviews Top Categories More Categories Car Tech Cell Phones Desktops Digital Cameras Home Audio Laptops Printers Tablets Televisions Forums Appliances Camcorders Cell Phone Accessories E book Readers Games Gear GPS Hard Drives Storage Headphones Home Video Internet Access Monitors MP3 Players Networking Wi Fi Peripherals Software Wearable Tech Web Hosting You are here: News Latest News Mobile Startups Cutting Edge Internet Media Security Privacy Business Tech Crave Apple Microsoft Politics Law Tech Culture Blogs Video Photos RSS Download Windows Software Mac Software iOS Apps Android Apps The Download Blog CNET TV Most Popular New Releases Products Tech Shows How To Always On CNET On Cars CNET Update Googlicious Next Big Thing The 404 XCAR How To Appliances Computers Home Theater Photography Privacy Productivity Security Smartphones Tablets Web How To Video Deals Today's Deals Coupon Codes Marketplace Blog Log In Join Facebook Timeline options Log In Join CNET Sign in with Facebook Timeline options My profile Log out Ever since you've moved into your new place, things haven't gone quite right, have they? You didn't get the promotion to senior office librarian. You suspect your lover is seeing someone else. And then there's those weird feelings when you go into the second bedroom. It's not that you get a shiver down your spine. It's that something doesn't seem quite right, as if your possessions have been moved a few inches away from where you left them. Let's be honest about a possible cause here: someone might have once died in your house. It might have been a peaceful, natural death. Or it might have been something more alarming, like death by stag goring, or a seance gone wrong. There's now a site that can help you in your quest to discover what spiritual lurkers might waft around your house. And it exists in order to tell you if someone once ceased existing within your walls. DiedInHouse claims to search all 50 states for evidence of expiration. It promises something called a "certified coach bags outlet store report." I couldn't resist. Things have been strange of late. This site might truly provide an answer. So I proceeded. A single search costs $11.99, such a small price to pay coach handbag outlet for peace of mind and spirit. Just as I was about to put my coach outlet sale online credit card number on the DiedInHouse collection plate, I came upon the disclaimer. It began: "The materials appearing on any Simply Put Solutions, Inc. But I read on: "DIH makes no representation, implied or expressed, that all information placed on any DIH web site or application is accurate. DIH does not warrant that any of the materials on its web sites or applications are accurate, complete, or current." I began to get that same coaches outlet creepy feeling again. Then I came to this sentence: "Died in House does not guarantee to have all deaths that have occurred in or at a specific address; it is an informational use only type of service." The problem is that the information may be useful of not. Yes, just like my tarot lady, my Ouija board lady, my palm coach outlets locations reader, my spiritual guide, and my life coach. However, being a man with even more spiritual issues than bottles of wine, I went through with the purchase. The result came in just a couple of seconds: "Died in House did NOT find information relating a death to this address." coach factory outlet purses
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