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    The Evonne Goolagong Cawley Story The Evonne Goolagong Cawley StoryDaughter of a poor Aborigine sheep shearer, Evonne Goolagong remained resilient and committed as she battled against the odds in the world of professional tennis.Evonne Goolagong was born on July 31st 1951 in Barellan, New South Wales, Australia. Against all odds, this Aboriginal Australian rose to be ranked Worlds No 1 Tennis Champion. You coach outlet wallets will get a feel for how fresh faced, unspoilt by success and likable she was. This Utube clip from remstar1 shows Goolagong's tennis style.Her PopularityShe became a favourite with the Australian tennis crowds because she was genuinely nice. The Australian population seemed to understand how hard she would have battled to get to the top. The emotion behind the words in the tribute "We are proud you are Australian"; most likely refers to indigenous Australian identity. For her to train her way to the position of champion in the cultural milieu of her coach outlet time must have been very difficult. Yet she did it.This is a quote from Vic Edwards Journal. Hart Davis Mac Gibbon. London 1975Evonne's StruggleAboriginal people faced widespread discrimination in rural Australia at this time. Bill Kurtzman is the one to thank for her first stroke of good fortune. He saw her peering through the fence at the local courts and encouraged her to come in and play. In 1967, a Sydney tennis coach Vic Edwards was asked to "take a look" at the young Evonne. He immediately saw her potential. Her parents allowed Evonne to move to Sydney, where she attended Willoughby Girls coach factory outlet stores High School. She completed her School Certificate in 1968. Edwards, who coach poppy outlet generously supported her while she completed her schooling, trained her.Her AccomplishmentsGoolagong was haled World No.1 Australian Female Tennis Player. She was one of the world's leading players in the 1970s and early 1980s, when she won 14 Grand Slam titles: 7 in singles (4 Australian Open, 2 Wimbledon and 1 French Open), 6 in women's doubles, and 1 in mixed doubles.Resilience and Tenacity It is true that she had natural talent and that she was a superb sportswoman and athlete. However, these qualities alone would not guarantee a white Australian woman train her way to the top and manage to stay on the circuit a while. So, how did Evonne?In her book, Evonne says that a series of strokes of good luck led to her discovery and subsequent support. This would have been true, but it was also true, that she slogged hard in training. She was also able to fit in and adapt when out of context. Living in Sydney would have been a culture shock for the young girl. International travel and the extraordinary publicity that went with her position would have been confronting and a test to her resilience.Right Place, Right Time, Right PersonExcellent physical attributes were combined with a cheerful, philosophical nature that saw her perform with ease. At her peak, "she was regarded as one of the most graceful and subtle exponents of the women's game ever seen." At the same time, she remained unselfconscious, candid and charming. Cover blurb "Evonne." 1975Settling DownEvonne married Roger Cawley another tennis player in 1975. The couple bought a home at Noosa Heads, Queensland, in 1991. Evonne finds herself bestowed with many honours such as her 1988 coach outlets stores induction to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.Goolagong was a member of the Board of the Australian Sports Commission from 1995 to 1997 and since 1997 has held the position of Sports Ambassador to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. coach purse outlet store online
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