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    the coach who started it all When Torbjorn Hansen told friends in his chess circle that he was coaching a remarkably talented boy, they were all sceptical. Coaches always spoke highly of their wards, coach outlet locations after all. But, once they saw the boy and played with him, they had to agree with Hansen: he was special. That boy, Magnus Carlsen, is today challenging the World champion. His former coach is delighted that he is here to watch him do that. is a like a dream coming true for me, being at the World championship match, says Hansen. I do hope Magnus wins, though I do not think he will have it easy against Anand, as many commentators seem to think. began poorly, as Anand thwarted his opening plans and even had a slightly superior position in the first game, cheap coach outlet he says. I thought he came back superbly in the second game, showing that he could do some really serious preparations, contrary to the popular perception. was nine when I began training him. What struck me was his phenomenal memory. There was a 60 player tournament that he took part coach handbags outlet store in. And he could recall the entire results; he would tell which player beat which player in which round. needed to be told only once, whereas my other students got it right only after several times, he recalls. was coach purse outlets interested in different openings. I remember him learning with interest openings coach outlet shopping such as Sicilian (Dragon), French Defence and Ruy Lopez. used to be very aggressive and won his games mostly in the middle game, he says. I did teach him a few endgame techniques, but he wasn overly interested in them then. progress has been unbelievable. could already see a spurt in interest because of Magnus success and the World championship. Even adults are now asking me for chess lessons. wish I were; I am not strong enough to be his second. official coach outlet
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