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    Ten Steps To Keep You Hidden From Deer : Ten Steps To Keep You Hidden From Deer Deer hunters, coach bags outlet online especially bow hunters know how hard it is to stay hidden from deer. These colors include violet, blue, green and possibly colors the human eye cant see. This is how ghilly suits work. Grass grows up and coach bags outlet store down. Deer see movement easily just like humans. I choose to use calls and rattle very little, but use scent drags t.Deer can smell things from 100 yards away that a human could barely smell right next to his nose. Wash your clothes in special hunting soap that has no perfume scents added. Use scent killer body soap and deodarant before going hunting. Also store your clothes in an air tight coach allen outlet bin with oak leaves and or pine needles in it to keep scents out. It doesnt hurt to leave that bin out side or in the garage either. Deer can also smell your breath. Minty tooth paste will scare deer away just as much as your mourning breath will though. I suggest eating an apple or an orange after brushing your teeth in the mourning.Deer see colors on the low end of the spectrum. These colors include violet, blue, green and possibly authentic coach online outlet colors the human the coach factory outlet online eye cant see. Colors such as red and orange they see as black and gray. To be honest, I'm not sure if they can see the color yellow. Deer do not see blaze orange (which is manditory to wear during gun season) as orange. How ever, it comes in as gray to them. I also coach childerens archery in the winter. handbags coach outlet
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