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    Teach in Scotland A small country with a history of innovation and plenty of room for talented teachers With a population of five million people, the Scotland of the past and present has left a mark on the world that far exceeds its size. While the Scottish Enlightenment rocked the world in the 18th century, the 19th century saw the Industrial Revolution and the golden age of Scots invention. From Scotland's universities and engineers came the steam engine, the steam ship, the telephone, the tarmac road and many other inventions. By the 20th century, Scots were developing great institutions. Logie Baird pioneered television, while Lord Reith created the BBC. Our unabated pioneering spirit is perhaps one of the reasons people are drawn to Scotland to live, work and study. We remain one of the world's most inviting and hospitable countries, and are actively attracting Fresh Talent to our shores coach factory outlet castle rock in order to continue to grow and develop as a nation. "We want to welcome bright, talented, hard working people from around the world people who can make a positive contribution coach purse outlet store to Scotland. If we are to compete and succeed in the global economy, then we'll need a constant flow of fresh skills to complement our own home grown expertise. It is for these reasons the coach handbags outlet online Fresh Talent initiative was established. It is geared to work with our universities and businesses to attract talented, hard working people to live, learn and work in Scotland." Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSPWhy teach in Scotland?Scotland offers you a fantastic quality of life. It's also a friendly and welcoming place so you'll feel at home in no time. The big advantages? A healthy environment, affordable housing and relatively short commuting times. But there's more to Scotland than that. With more spare time (and money), you can really start to enjoy life. Scotland also has a distinctive culture, with its own legal and educational systems. Since 1999, Scotland has had its own Parliament, which decides most issues affecting life here. And although Scotland is very much a vital part of the UK, it definitely retains a unique identity. Teaching in Scotland You might be wondering why Scotland has so many places for teachers like you. The reason is simple. By 2007, the Scottish Executive wants to increase the number of teachers to 53,000. Added to this, the Executive wants to reduce class sizes in and to 20 pupils coach factory outlet flash sale in secondary schools, and 25 pupils in year one of Primary Education. It also has a target to increase the number of visiting specialist teachers in , and Modern Foreign Languages. What's more, there are extra teaching opportunities in Physics, and . So the answer is simple: Scotland will need to employ extra teachers. Travel in Scotland Scotland has excellent air, rail, coach and bus networks. So it's easy to get around. It's also easy to coach outlet coupon get out of the city, and enjoy the great outdoors."We moved to Scotland because of my husband's job and only planned on staying for five years. Now I can't imagine moving back. wrentham outlets coach
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