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    Take your best shot Kyle Lowry admits he not 100%, coach purse factory outlet but there was never any doubt he would miss time with what the team is calling an ankle sprain. Lowry came down on Rudy Gobert foot just before the end of the first half in Saturday win over Utah. was just a little tweak, Lowry said following the morning shootaround. it and let go. said he could have come back but with the game in hand, it didn make much sense. was just one of those situations where if I can get the rest and get treatment, do that when you can, he said. Lowry focus Monday was much more on getting his big scoring wingers back on track than he was on his ankle. Both Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan are shooting below 40%, a mark neither has ever finished a season with and one Lowry is quite sure won continue. are taking tough shots, they are getting double teamed and we have to find a way to get them easier, open shots, he said. think we can get the ball out a little faster and get in transition a little easier it will open up the floor a little more and that starts from our defence. if he was concerned about one or both, Lowry rolled his eyes. guys score, he said. score, scorers shoot and scorers are going to put up bad numbers and they going to put up great numbers. They will be OK. was asked about his assist totals so far this year. He averaging 5.6 per game, which is about a half an assist higher than his career average. Lowry said the way this team scores, assist totals are not going to be large. is a different team, he said. are not going to have a high amount of assists because of the players coach backpacks outlet we have. We have individual players guys who create for themselves. Your assist totals are never going to be as high coach outlet online shoes as they can be because the guys we have, while they catch and shoot sometimes, they are best at playmaking and putting the ball on the floor. And no one is going to complain about that because they are pretty damn good. into Monday game the Raptors were a game under .500 and while they dropped one game they had no business losing in Charlotte, head coach Dwane Casey said there far more worrying going on outside the dressing room than there is in it. more angst among you, Casey said gesturing to the media surrounding coach outlet miami him. that your job. To cause angst. his two leading scorers remain under 40% shooters for much longer, some of that angst just might creep into the locker room. HARDEN FINED FOR FLOP No one is going to feel sorry for a guy making $13.7 million this season, but James Harden is having some kind of week in the tough luck department. First, it was a bruised left foot that he been playing through coach official outlet for the past few games. Then it was a flu bug that went through the Rockets room, one he didn fully manage to avoid. Finally, on Monday as he and the Rockets prepared for the Raptors, word came from the league office that Harden was being fined $5,000 for violating the league anti flopping rules for the second time this season. coach wallets for women outlet
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