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    swimming with an ear infection I wouldnt think it would affect anything unless you have ear tubes. An ear infection is in the middle ear, on the other side of the ear drum and water from swimming would not get to the infected area to make it worse. Swimming causes swimmers ear, which is an infection in the ear canal, not an actual middle ear infection, unless you have ear tubes. This is not medical advice but as a parent who had to deal with chronic ear infections for several years, it just doenst make sense to me coach factory outlet castle rock that he should not be able to swim, if his behavior is perfectly fine. I dont see where it would make an ear infection worse unless he was already sick an it caused his cold to be worse which could prolong the infection coach factory outlet usa but call to make coach outlet miami sure let coach outlet store online shoes us know what you find out!! thank you ladies for your comments, I called her doctor and he said it's fine but it's better if I put ear coach outlet store online plugs, i tried ear plugs but she said that they are hurting her, so the swimming coach put for her a piece of cotton (big enough to cover the inside) with lots of Vaseline. and it was fine with her with no complains. coach online outlet store
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