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    stricken coach Kubiak glad to be back Kubiak had a mini stroke during the Nov. 3 game against the . Working on a reduced schedule, he returned to the team this week and will coach against the Raiders on Sunday. Kubiak said it was a scare. "I don't know if you want to say it's a wake up call, but it definitely makes you appreciate the opportunity you have," Kubiak said in a Wednesday conference call. "Obviously this year we're having a tough one, but it just makes you appreciate what you do, how much you enjoy being around your coaches and being around your players and competing each and every day. "To albertville coach outlet coach wristlet outlet price have that all of a sudden taken away from you is kind of tough. If anything, it kind of reassures you how much you love what you do." Kubiak got a really bad headache just before halftime against the Colts, just before he went down . and the rest is a blur. He was hospitalized for two days, and gilroy coach outlet defensive coordinator served as interim coach last week. Kubiak, 52, had a transient ischemic attack, or TIA, which occurs when blood flow to the brain is briefly interrupted, typically by a blood clot or narrowed blood vessels. It's often a warning sign for a future stroke, particularly within three months of a TIA. He couldn't quite get himself to watch all of last Sunday's loss to Arizona on television. "It was kind of hard to sit there and watch a whole football game, but I watched most of it," Kubiak said. "It was tough when you've been a part of it for 30 years every week and then to have to sit there and watch it for a week. "Hopefully that doesn't happen again. We'll make it through it and go forward." Kubiak returned Monday and is allowed to work only a certain number of hours under doctors' orders. "They kind of have me on a build up kind of schedule," Kubiak said. "I'm building myself back up and feeling good. I just got off the practice field and (am) doing everything I normally do, just trying to get me to do it a little bit quicker." Kubiak said that doctors want him to coach Sunday's game from the press box rather than the sideline. As the person responsible for calling the offensive plays, he said he can do everything from the press box that he does from the sideline. "I did that for 20 something years before I became a head coach," said Kubiak, a former NFL quarterback who was an assistant coach at Texas A before moving to the 49ers and Broncos in the NFL. "It's calm up there, just a different way of looking at the game. Just to be back and be coach outlet in aurora a part of it, that's coach outlet store sale what I'm concerned about." coach outlet official site
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