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    Top Salaries for Basketball Coaches Say what you want about the Kentucky job. the prestige, the tradition, the fan base. The money ain't bad, either. The University of Kentucky continues to set the bar high for coaching salaries, giving John Calipari an eight year deal reportedly worth an average $4,500,000 annually. He'll make more in 10 minutes of game time than the average Kentucky resident makes in a year. And Coach Cal isn't even the highest paid coach in the Bluegrass coach mens outlet State. That honor goes to Louisville's Rick Pitino, who reportedly pulls over $7.5 million dollars annually. To illustrate how salaries have grown: in 2002, according to a report official coach factory outlet in Sports Illustrated, there were relatively few basketball coaches making "CEO money." SI's list at the time put just three coaches over the $1 million coach purse outlets mark in salary, with Kentucky's Tubby Smith the highest paid at $2.4 million a year. Here's a look at some of the top reported salaries in Division I men's college basketball. Bear in mind, this is coupon coach outlet not a straight applies to factory outlet coach apples comparison. some schools include apparel deals with sneaker companies as part of the reported compensation package (Florida is one), others do not. Public Universities most of the schools on this list have to be more forthcoming about the salaries they are paying, while private institutions like Duke and Syracuse can play things a bit closer to the vest. coach factory outlet tanger
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