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    Top 5 Options Tools Free If you're curious about what tools can help you become a better trader look no farther than these top contenders. BigTrends analysts and staff have tested all components to ensure the 'free' claim is warranted and the value is tangible. As an options trader there aren't too many free resources available but BigTrends is always looking for coach online factory outlet the resources that coach backpacks outlet help you progress as a trader while growing your mental capital. Look for more in depth reviews of the top options tools in the coming months. As part of our new website we'll be delivering trader tech reviews monthly on anything and everything for traders. We'll be reviewing trading platforms, options tools as well as anything our readers want coach online outlet store to see. Start the blog roll now and place your comments below, what do you want to see reviewed? 1. OptionsOracle The most comprehensive (free) options trading tool out there, Options Oracle, can help traders screen for and visualize options strategies. SamoaSky, the creator of Options Oracle sums up the software well. Elevator Pitch: OptionsOracle is free tool for stock options trading strategy analysis, built for options traders.' What I like most about OptionsOracle is its ease of use and customizable interface. The software uses Yahoo! Finance as the data feed by default but you can integrate your brokers live data with a little work. Here's a quick rundown of the best features for options traders VOLATILITY SMILE GRAPH 2. You can find a more in depth review of TrixyCharts from a previous Daily TrendWatch in options tools. Price Headley uses TrixyCharts for the Weekly Market Outlook Video found in BigTV. 3. TradeLogger Many traders lack the money management component in their trading plans. As a BigTrends coach I see this as the major weakness far too often, TradeLogger is a great resource for traders to help minimize portfolio drawdowns while mitigating the psychological draw downs that accompany periods of system inefficiency. TradeLogger uses the equity curve of your portfolio value to signal when to paper trade or live trade. Equity curve management is covered as a part of our 50 course coaching program, but you can get a jumpstart coach handbag outlet by using this awesome tool today. Elevator Pitch: An all in one trade recorder and equity curve money management system. In its simplicity, TradeLogger keeps a record of your current trading performance and advises you when you should stop trading with live capital, and when to resume trading live. 4. There's some overlap here with OptionsOracle but there is one significant outlying tool that I use. The options price history charts are very useful, just type in the symbol for your option strike and receive a free historical price chart. This is incredibly helpful coach purse outlet for two reasons, first it's the only way to retrieve accurate prices for system testing and second its a great way to visualize specific options that are accelerating in value. Overall Optionistics deserves and entire review unto itself, the amazing tools are vast, from Strike Peggers to Open Interest % Change tools. Fundamental: Price/Earnings, Forward P/E, Price/ Cash, ROE, ROI, PEG, P/S P/B, EPS growth this year, next or five year, Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Payout Ratio, Net Profit Margin, Insider Ownership, Insider Transactions, Institutional Ownership and more. coach factory online outlet store
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