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    Top 10 Fast Some of the most informative reviews of fast pitch bats are at The Coach, a site published by a 25 year veteran coach at all levels of fast pitch, from youth leagues to high school and college teams. The site offers not only The Coach's review of bats, but also a wide variety of user comments from other coaches, fast pitch players and parents of players. The top rated bat on The Coach's list in December 2010 is the Easton Synge. The rest of the top 10 are the Rip IT Force, Anderson RockeTech FSB, DeMarini CF4 ST, Eastern Synergy Speed, Rip IT Reaper FP, DeMarini CF4 Black, COMbat Lisa Fernandez, Rip IT Elite real coach outlet Light and the coach purse outlet online Louisville Slugger TPS XENO. But that would be a mistake. For example, factory coach outlet The shop coach outlet Coach site says that the bat is a fine choice for small coach sneakers outlet to medium size players who need a bat with a larger sweet spot and more flex. It's also a great bat for slap hitters, since the thin handle allows smaller hitters more control. But The Coach adds that the bat is simply too light for stronger players and power hitters. The best bat for you is the one that enables you to generate the most bat speed and the most pop when the ball comes off the bat. That usually is the heaviest bat that you can comfortably control. But the website MySoftballCoach warns against buying you or your young daughter a bat to "grow into," because continually trying to hit with a bat that is too heavy can be discouraging or encourage the development of bad habits at the plate. The right bat for you is based on your size and the kind of hitter you are. But it also is based on intangibles if the bat has a good feel and you have confidence in it, you probably have made the best selection. coach mens outlet
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