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    Thyroid Weight Loss Center Day 1. Accept the fact that you have total control over how you react. No matter what happens, you have the conscious choice to react to any outside event in anger, fear or sorrow, or reacting with acceptance, serenity, and patience. All it takes from you is a firm commitment to controlling your reactions to change them. Try to ask yourself how important the event really is, will it matter a week from now, let alone a year from now? Day 2. Learn to see that there really is an order to the world. Whether or not you believe in a Supreme Being can affect your life in the most fundamental ways. You don't have to be religious to be spiritual. If you can accept that everything happens for a reason, even if you can't see the reason right now, then you can find some peace within anything. Many times you can look back on a traumatic event from the cheap coach outlet distance of time and see how it led to something new and better in your life. If you can view the universe as having an order to it, and believe that the Creator has a plan, it helps during adverse times. Day 3. Learn to live in the moment. Right now, this second, is all we really have. Yesterday is gone forever; an hour ago is gone forever. Tomorrow is honestly not real. What is real is right now. Make right now be the best that it possibly can, and make yourself be the best that you can, right now! The only reality is this moment and you have total control over it. Carpe Diem: seize coach factory outlet stores the day. If you make today be the best day possible then they are all best days. Day 4. Learn to treat yourself well. You are just as deserving of love, care and respect as anyone else on the face of this earth. When you take good care of yourself, you are better able to care for others. When you learn to love yourself you become a person who can be loved. When you respect yourself, others learn to respect you as well. Treat yourself at coach outlet mall online least coach outlet stores online as well as you would treat your best friend. Day 5. Practice random acts of kindness. Helping others without the expectation of reward is a stepping stone to inner peace. Never help someone to the detriment of yourself, but giving to others without needing anything in return makes coach outlet store you a better person. Think globally. Realize that whenever someone dies anywhere on earth from hunger, disease, violence and neglect, we are all diminished. You can do something. Day 6. Practice peace and forgiveness. Do peaceful things; think peaceful thoughts. Forgive anyone who ever hurt you and let go of anger, pain and resentments. Negative emotions and thoughts take up a lot of our energy and a lot of room in our soul. When we clear these out, it makes a lot of room for positive things to enter. It allows you to use your energy on doing good for yourself and the world. Day 7. Become the change you want to see in the world. It really does start with you. Never say, "I am JUST one person." Say, "I AM the beginning!" When you become a person that enriches the world, you have made a significant difference. Remember, every spot of light in the world diminishes the darkness. 2003 Sibyl McLendon, a Navajo woman living in the American Southwest, is a personal empowerment coach for Circle Of Grace. coach outlet atlantic city
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