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    three most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher 1. One of the official coach outlet online store main reasons for becoming a teacher is to have a work/life balance. While some may argue that the teaching profession is a 12 month job crammed into nine months, there are still many benefits to choosing this profession. Having an entire summer dedicated to vacation and to pursuing your own hobbies and passions can be very rewarding, indeed. The summertime can be a time of renewal, introspection and learning. This gives plenty of time to focus on family in the coach factory outlet online authentic evenings. Not to mention that you also are off work during all the major holidays including spring break and Christmas coach factory outlet coupons 2012 break.2. Another reason for becoming a teacher is to impact lives and make a difference. All of us can remember a teacher we hold close to our heart who was an encouragement and an inspiration during a time of frustration or confusion. Many professional athletes, doctors, politicians and business owners can give the credit to a teacher who made the difference in their lives. If you choose to pursue the profession of teaching, you could possibly experience that same reward.Ideal for Young Families3. The profession of teaching is also ideal for young families. A teacher who has young children will not need to be concerned with day care or extended education programs because when her children are not in school she are not working either. This is especially beneficial during the many weeks of summer. Being home all day with your children will keep them from getting into trouble, and instead you have time to develop a deeper relationship with them.Further Your Love of Learning4. Some people just have a love for learning and, when their academic career is over, they wish it had just begun. By choosing the profession of teaching, they can be plugged in to a continual learning process. Observing new curriculum, working with new technology and discovering new projects to do in their classroom are all examples of how teachers can expand their personal love of learning.5. Working as a teacher also gives the opportunity to be more heavily involved coach purses outlet store online in extracurricular activities. She could take a more active role and participation in the athletic program. She could work as a coach and further develop the lives of young people. They can also pursue more academic extracurricular activities such as science trips or academic quiz tournaments. The list is endless when it comes to the types of extracurricular activities that a teacher can get involved in at her school.I'm hoping and praying for two things1. This isn't actually a homework question. As a former teacher, I hang my head in shame. If you need someone to feed you the answers about why you should want to be a teacher, you shouldn't even consider being one. You should be able to list off at least 10 good reasons to be a teacher and then pick the top three on your own list. This is shameful, and if I ever decide to teach again, I hope you're not in my school if you manage to actually get through.2. I hope nobody out there fed you the answers, but someone probably did so I'll give up on that one.It's a shame because the way you worded this really really sounds like a question coach for men outlet off a 100 level education class. If it were worded in a more thoughtful manner and not so "off the ditto", it may have started an interesting db. coach outlet sale online
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