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    The Slow Coach See all local, nations and national radio stations. Radio 1 Radio 1Xtra Radio 2 Radio 3 Radio 4 Radio 4 Extra Radio 5 live Radio 5 live sports extra Radio 6 Music Asian Network World Service Radio Scotland Radio Nan Gaidheal Radio Ulster Radio Foyle Radio Wales Radio Cymru Categories Arts Culture coach poppy outlet Comedy Drama History Politics Science Nature All Categories Go to Radio 4 Programmes A ZTheir 'slow coach' is Carl Honor, once a speedy journalist, now spokesperson for a global so called 'Slow Movement'. He argues that our increasing obsession with speed means we race through life instead of actually living it. We need to create moments of slowness and connect with our 'inner tortoise'. Carl says that, by finding a better balance between fast and slow, we'll increase our wellbeing, coach factory outlet online shopping creativity and productivity. It's a compelling theory, but does it work? Three volunteers, have agreed to put Carl's theories to the test by following his advice over the course of one month. Steve runs his own business, and gets to the end of each day without a break, reacting to a stream of emails. He hopes that slowing down can make him more efficient and give him time to reflect on the bigger picture. Lizzie works part time in the health service, and is the mother of three young children. She worries that her constant sense of being in a rush is rubbing off on coach official outlet her children and would like family life to feel less hectic. Scott works as a volunteer in his local town of Bury, running every community activity from the Carnival to the Lions Club. Unable to say 'no' to anyone, he finds himself checking his emails in the cinema and forgetting to eat lunch. He'd like to coach handbags coach store outlet outlet store get back some sense of control over his life. cheap coach bags outlet
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