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    The Real Estate Investing Business Dilemma I have a real problem and I hope you can help. You see, I have this real estate investing business that doing pretty well right now, growing really rapidly and is bags from coach outlet doing better than I ever thought possible I have a really big issue You see, we all need help at times. And no matter how successful you may be or think you may be we all need to keep on improving and learning. In fact, there isn't a day that goes coach outlet mall online by where I don't learn something new or improve a process in my business. A lot of it is from reading other bloggers here on BiggerPockets from investors like Danny Johnson, Brandon Turner, Tracey Royce, Chris Clothier, Ann Bellamy, Ali Boone, Karen Rittenhouse and Sharon Vornholtjust to name a few. So it you're new to real estate investing make sure you read those guys' post here on BiggerPocketsthey are REALLY good. The Best Way to Create a Real Estate Investing Business But the other ways I learn is just from just doing and taking action. In my opinion, there nothing like on the job experience. Personally, I feel that's where I learn the most. I honestly don think you can write about all this real estate investing stuff without actually doing it. Not just investing once in a while but doing it every single day. Doing it full time and learning every step of the way is the best education which I do. The Real Estate Investing Business Dilemma So I want to share with you about my actual investing business. Although I do coaching and create educational products 99% of what I do is actual real estate investing and in particular house flipping. So I not one of those guys who just writes about real estate and doesn't actually do it I actually do it. And right now, I doing it so much that I acquiring about a property a week to flip or hold. Business has never been better and I am really thankful. What To Name a Legit Real Estate Investing Business? So about my real estate investing business you may it may already know, I am a full time investor and although here on BiggerPockets, I know as a flipping guy I buy and hold and flip houses almost equally with a focus of reinvesting my profits into long term holds for wealth creation and passive income. I been doing this full time for the last four years as I wound down my flooring business and passed it on to my brother. With the expectation of future growth, I recently purchased a new office (after renting for coach sneakers outlet two years) and brought on board a full time acquisition manager as well as a full time wholesaler. Help on a Name If you have a real estate investing business, you need a name. I have one for my investment business which is different from the educational business but as I said it's all wrong. I actually went on Facebook and posted a $100 reward for whoever could rename my business here I am looking for your help. You see, as I go through the next stage of growth I want to brand a name for various platforms as my business grows. My current name is Hold Em Realty, LLC and although it seemed like a great name coach factory outlet coach outlet in branson mo back in 2006 simply doesn work now. I love Texas hold 'em poker and that was the reason the name, but as my business grows, the name portrays the wrong message. I sure we all made mistakes like this and I am sure when you first started out, you may not have named your business what you would name it today if you had to start all over, right? Or would you have kept it the same? If you would have kept it the same, then that;s pretty impressive. All In a Name? For me, my current business name portrays the image that our business is based on a run and gun, riverboat gambler kind of investing mindset. coach backpack purse outlet
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