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    The Ben Johnson Story His house is full of trophies, he's won coach wrentham outlets more than 100 awards, and he's developing an entourage, but Ben Johnson says he hasn't gone Hollywood. At least he has time to hang out with What's New host Howard Green. Green gets a tour of the emerging star's coach handbag factory outlet house, trophy case and training regimen. And for good measure, Ben leaves him in the dust during an impromptu race. At age 15, Ben Johnson met coach Charlie Francis. Francis convinced him to join the Scarborough Optimists track and field club, training at York cheap coach handbags outlet University. He also advised Johnson to get speech therapy to overcome his stutter. Charlie Francis was a Canadian 100 metre sprint champion himself (1970, 1971 and 1973). He competed for Canada in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Francis was Canada's national sprint coach for nine years. While Francis was a technically brilliant coach, he gained a reputation as the enfant terrible of the track world. Detractors said he coddled his charges, getting involved with every aspect of their lives. Some athletes found him paternalistic, smothering, and generally too intense. According to Olympic high jumper Debbie Brill, Francis was "the worst of what coaching can be," demanding complete dependency and adherence to his word. At the end of this item, host Howard Green presents Ben Johnson with a toy car. Johnson has always had an affinity for cars, at various times owning a Corvette, a Porsche and his favourite a black, $245,000 Ferrari Testarossa. Its license plate read "NINE 83" the world record time he set in Rome in 1987. There are at least two other famous Ben Johnsons: American cowboy actor Ben Johnson (1918 1996) starred in John coach bags outlet store Ford directed movies including She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and Rio Grande. He won an Academy Award for his performance as coach outlet online store sale Sam The Lion in The Last Picture Show. coach outlet shop online
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