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    The Art of Exer Some of us were born coach outlet wallets loving exercise. For the rest of us, it can feel like a chore, or even a punishment. If that sounds familiar, coach factory outlet coupons we've got an idea for you: Partner up. People who walk, run, swim, go to the gym or attend classes with a friend or fitness pal reap the benefits of the buddy system. Try it. Make an appointment with a friend or workout acquaintance to get physical whether at the gym, in the neighborhood, or even for an afternoon of bowling, skating, or brisk mall walking (but not window shopping that hardly counts!). You'll not only earn activity PointsPlus values, you'll also experience the magical combination of socializing and exercising. Read on to see how it helps: Lynda Halsted has walked with a buddy for the past 20 years. In their suburban neighborhood, they cover two miles every day, Monday through Friday, at 7:30 every morning. "We got a little bored with our route," coach factory outlet online says Halsted. "So we took the car and drove a new route, counting the miles. Knowing the mileage of what we accomplish is great, and mapping out a new route eliminates the boredom." Halsted and her walking buddy, who is a few years her senior and in great condition, too, also meet plenty of walkers and runners along the way. Halsted started walking to relieve some symptoms from a medical condition, on the advice of her doctor. Her friend really wanted to lose weight, and did. "When I started walking, my buddy had a two year old. He's in college now!" Their spirited morning meetings are fun, and knowing she has a date to keep means she showed up every day. Ice on the roads and freezing temperatures do keep them indoors on occasion, though. "I have a treadmill in the house, but it's hard. Meeting my buddy takes the drudgery out of exercise for me." "My friend, my coach" As a busy mom of four, the coach outlet online all kinds of priorities jam up Susie DeLuca's schedule, and exercise is often the first thing to get lopped off the to do list. But having a buddy to walk with, she says, "certainly helps!" "It's so much harder to not show up if you have to answer to somebody else," she says. "I find we walk farther, push to a longer distance, to the 'end' more often." DeLuca, who has walked with one friend on and off for seven years, finds the time goes quickly when they are talking. "We get to vent together. We both say how much we hate it, but we both laugh when we do it. We complain coach backpack purse outlet about sore muscles together! It's good for the relationship and good for us." factory outlet coach
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