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    The 5 Most Horrifying Sports Injuries of All Time Below is not a video of a player getting very, very sleepy in the middle of the game. This is what someone does when their heart stops and they die:Anthony Van Loo's the guy in the video, and at the time it was documented he was, literally, dead. He had a pre existing heart condition that probably should have kept him off the field, but he had been fitted with a nifty little device called a defibrillator. It works coach outlet in aurora by defibrillating the everliving daylights out of your heart to restore it to its normal rhythm after it, you know, stops beating or some shit.When he dropped dead on the field, his entire team knew what had just happened. After all, the guy had a pre existing condition, and it's never good when a person who was standing relatively still crashes to the ground. Well, it only took a few seconds for his built in miracle of modern medicine to kick his slacker heart's ass into gear, and we see Van Loo sitting up shortly thereafter. coach factory outlet store online He joined that tiny, elite group of humans who can tell you exactly what it's like to be dead."Coach? I just might need to call in sick for the rest of today's game."Not only did he return from his trip off of this mortal coil, but he continued playing soccer, and in fact is still playing today.Wait, how can there still be one entry left? We've had dudes get digits lopped off, throats slashed, and freaking die on the field of play. So what could possibly be left?WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT. PLEASE STOP READING.1. Rugby Player Wayne Shelford Gets His Scrotum Torn OpenRussell Cheyne/Getty Images Sport/Getty ImagesFew things these days really separate the men from the boys. Rugby's one of those things. There are a few criteria to meet before playing, coach outlet sale online such as being a hardened Englishman with a crew cut and loving the shit out of collars and horizontal stripes.David Rogers/Getty Images Sport/Getty ImagesTo understand this injury, it should be understood that there are certain developments over the course of a rugby match that basically all consist of demolishing each other, but have been given clever little names like "scrum" and "rucking." And outside of some ear protection (you know, so they don't get ripped off) and the cushion of some enormous balls, nobody wears any padding.Anyway, Wayne "Buck" Shelford was a professional rugby player in New Zealand. It was 1986, and the opponent was the French rugby team. The match was so incredibly intense that they named it the Battle of Nantes, after a major French Revolution battle.Russell coach factory outlet store locations Cheyne/Getty Images Sport/Getty ImagesKey differences: more headbands, less pelvic gyrating.About 20 minutes into the match, Shelford found himself at the bottom of one of those gnarly "ruck" things we mentioned earlier, which is actually a writhing pile of really, really tough dudes in cleats who will do basically anything to get that ball. Any men reading this ought to grab their junk and a vomit bowl before they read the rest of this sentence, because we're about to tell you that Shelford had his scrotum ripped open by a cleat, and he jogged off the field with a testicle hanging out of him. Literally. Hanging.To help get rid of that mental image, here's some puppies playing in the snow.So what did Shelford do? Of course he's a tough dude, but come on a torn nut sack would make Superman outlets coach curl into a whimpering ball.But instead of passing out and/or dying, Shelford had the trainer stitch him up right there on the bench. They even filmed the surgery and broadcast it on TV to the French people watching at home. And then Shelford went right back in and kept playing. WITH A TORN SCROTUM. coach official outlet
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